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신혜연 개인전 《 Gentrification 》
2024.1.3 - 1.10

【 전시개요 】

전 시 명

Gentrification 》​​


2024. 1. 3. (수) ~ 1.10. (수)





서울시 강남구 청담동 19-38 1층, 아르띠앙 서울 갤러리

관 람 료


주차공간이 협소하여 대중교통이용을 부탁드립니다.

전시 서문

아르띠앙서울은 2024년 첫 개인전으로 1월 3일부터 1월 10일까지 작가 신혜연 개인전 <  Gentrification >을 개최한다.


작가 신혜연은 세계 각지의  ‘Gentrification’ 현상을 꼬집어내며 작가의 시선에서 철학적, 개념적인 방식으로 접근하여  해석한 ‘Gentrification’ 현상에 대해 탐구하는 작업을 선보인다.


작가는 도시 재개발과 슬럼가(빈민가)의 고급주택화와 같은 현상들을 거리낌없이 드러내며 사람과 도시와의 관계, 모든 Gentrification 현상, 그리고 그로 인해 유발되는 여러가지 문제점과 나타나는 이슈에 대한 이야기를 이번 전시를 통해 전달하고자 한다.

작가 노트

I was born in 1981 in Seoul, South Korea. I received a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, a Bachelor of Fine Art, and a Master of Art from Ewha Womans University. I also hold Master of Fine Art from University of Manitoba. I have had three solo exhibitions in Korea and have participated in 35 group exhibitions internationally.

           I am a visual artist who looks at the relationships between people and cities, particularly at gentrification and the redevelopment of residential areas around the globe. From the perspective of a foreigner from a largely monocultural society living in a multicultural community, I explore philosophical and conceptual ideas about cities through the creation of collage works and installations made from discarded industrial objects.

           My works contain stories about social issues affecting urban space and development as a result of globalization and Capitalism. I have been tracing and mapping the individual, cultural, and psychological impacts of significant developments in Korea. My core research interests have expanded to include the gentrification and redevelopment of residential areas across the world and the emotions thereby evoked. In my collage and improvisatory installation work, I utilize found construction materials and images referencing philosophies, experiences, and memories of over-development.

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